Our primary goal is to fulfill the needs, conditions and requirements of our customers while focusing on high standards in supply, warehousing and distribution.

Food safety and sanitation is a quality requirement which we are proud to achieve and present to our customers.

Individual responsibility in quality management along with systematic, continuous staff training and professional improvement directly influences the quality of service.

Implementing, improving and broadening the system where products are stored and distributed according to the customers’ needs ensures the overall food safety management.


                                Our company focuses primarily on the CUSTOMER!

Our objective is to keep pace with the achievements in every field of service, ensure constant compliance, understand customers’ requests and expectations and incorporate it in the system improvements.

Every product in our assortment is Eco- friendly and safe for consumption.


Company’s aim is to broaden the existing line of products and constantly improve its business excellence.

Our employees hold the biggest value and are responsible for the company’s continuous growth and new offers on the market.

We are proud to invest in young talents and offer them a specific knowledge and expertise conveyed by the people who laid the very foundations of the company.

Continuous staff training and fixed priorities represent our means toward an even greater profitability as well as new domestic and international markets.

C.A.K d.o.o.’s mid-term plans include sustaining the accomplished quality of service, employee development as well as broadening the business.



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